How people build software.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a tool that allows developers and project-makers to colaborate with code.

We currently host our website thru GitHub, and are planning to post our Robot Code there as well.

How can I learn this?

Here are some basic tutorials about how Git amd GitHub work.

Hello World - A simple project to get you started when learning Github.

Learn Git in 15 minutes - A virtual terminal that teaches you Git in about 15 minutes

Public Access

We are Open Source! This means you can see the code to our stuff if you'd like. View our GitHub page at


To join our Team, you will need a fre GitHub account. (You can make one HERE -- be sure to select the free options), and an invite to the Team.

To be invited, please ask someone who is a member in the Team to add you.

If you need help, PLEASE ask!